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We are now a Smoke Free Sports Club!

Smokefree Sports Club Policy

This Smokefree Policy is effective from 1st March 2016.

This club recognises the importance of protecting children and young people from the harms of second-hand smoke, and wishes to act as a role model to denormalise smoking.

The club and its grounds will be smokefree at all times when young people are present, both when training and competing at the club. Therefore smoking is not permitted in any of the following areas whilst youth activities are taking place:-

~ Outdoor playing areas – all pitches
~ Indoor and outdoor spectator viewing areas
~ Changing rooms and toilet blocks
~ Café & outside eating areas
~ Within the perimeter of all facilities grounds
~ Car Park (with the exception of designated, out of view, smoking zone)

No one associated with the club shall smoke in public places in the vicinity of the club during, and immediately before and after activities, so that children and young people are not exposed to smoking.

The use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices is also not permitted.

The policy applies to everyone entering the club grounds, including staff, coaches, volunteers, officials, parents, carers, players, and visitors. The club will actively communicate the policy to these people (e.g. website, Facebook, emails, club handbook) as well as displaying Smokefree Sports Club signage.

If a person is found in breach of the policy they will be asked to extinguish their cigarette. If they refuse to do so they will be asked to leave the ground.

Stop Smoking support is available to those who wish to quit. Visit the Smokefreelife Somerset website at or call 0800 246 1063 or 01823 765006 for more information.

This policy will be reviewed after three months of implementation and feedback given to Somerset Community Foundation through the End of Grant form. It will be reviewed annually thereafter to ensure it remains up-to-date.