Well on Saturday we travelled to Shepton Mallet and 
played our first game on an all weather 3G surface, 
which was very narrow, causing a few problems with 
not been able to play are normal wide game. We 
started very slowly and found ourselves 2-0 down, 
giving them too much space and time on the ball. We 
did start to press harder and pass the ball around a bit,
with us moving the ball a lot better we scored a goal 
for them to score one against the run of play. However,
but we pressed really hard in the final quarter and 
finally got our just desserts; scoring our second to 
make it 3-2. It was a shame that we ran out of time, as 
I feel we could of got a draw and throughly deserved it 
through the girls efforts. Just remember we win, lose 
or draw as a team, and we learn from it and move on. 
I am so pleased with everyones efforts. Keep up the 
good work girls , well done to Eszter and Elsa for 
being awarded player of the match