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Warning Fraudulent Football Website

Warning of fraudulent Web Site for Football Boots
This is a round robin to all football associations so that they can pass on the information to their clubs and players to prevent loss of money and heartache over being scammed. The FA don’t have a linked mailing list so I have done this by looking up all associations such is the outrage I feel at the way young people are being duped by this website.
The website is it looks for all intents and purposes like a legitimate UK based website providing Nike and Adidas boots at very low prices e.g. £240 latest flyknit hypervenoms for £89.99. It has lots of satisfied customer reviews which are all bogus. It is a front for a Hong Kong based supplier of fake boots. The website itself contravenes UK law because there is no reference to a currency exchange top up which is applied to the purchase after you have made it. There is no UK address or returns address or contact telephone number either.
The purchase is postage free and then you get a separate charge made for DHL shipping from Hong Kong and then a separate bill from DHL for customs charges for import VAT. So the £89.99 boots become £108.71. There is no paperwork provided, no dispatch note, e mails are not answered and if you do get the boots, which after threatening police action and advising I used to be a fraud investigator, and still believing them to be genuine they did arrive it is obvious they are clearly fake. The shipping bill removed by customs states the value as £17, the boots are plastic came with no packaging and smell of cheap acetate, the box and bag are fake too and so it goes on. Any attempt to get a refund requires return of the boots at your own expense and then a 20% reduction of the price paid for administrative costs. I would not like to speculate on how successful that would be and spending another £15 to get back £72 out of £134 spent makes no sense at all.
The current position is that the company have been reported to the National Fraud Team in the UK, Nike are trying to take the website down having confirmed it is not an authorised site, DHL security team are looking into the distribution side of things. This all however takes time and with Xmas on the way many families may be tempted to grab this too good to be true price for the boots.
Please distribute this information as widely as you can and if someone has already made the same mistake as myself use the bank indemnity scheme after 14 days of waiting and report it online to the national fraud team too.

At the moment the boots are available on for £169.99 but there is a 20% voucher available by making a purchase in store and completing a survey so the boots could be purchased for £134 and be genuine and shipped the next day with no postage £25 more than the fake ones in the end but the same price if you have to ship them back as well.
If nothing else look for the signs that a website may be bogus by doing an online review check before purchase and check with the boot manufacturer that the site is authorised by them.